Saturday, March 5, 2011

There are two sides to every story

I ended up watching the Lifetime movie about the Amanda Knox trial last night.  Don't judge me, none of my shows that I would usually catch up on  weren't on this week apparently so my Hulu options were... lacking.  The movie wasn't bad.  It was relatively well written.  The actors didn't really wasn't bad.

But talk about a way to convict a girl.  I don't know if anyone followed the trial or not, I remember watching it on Good Morning America when it first started (my only news source in college other than the semi-weekly Towson University paper) and wondering how it all really played out.  It might sound silly but I was kind of hoping that the movie would shed some light or new evidence or something to make the whole thing a little more understandable... but it really didn't.  All it truly did was made Amanda Knox look really strange and in her own little world.  And guilty.  Now don't get me wrong, I definitely don't know the full background nor does anyone else.  Plus she was convicted as guilty but I really feel there are two sides to every story.  Lifetime..."Television for Women" is generally known for their "YAY THE WOMEN WIN AGAIN" consistent theme (plus the rare "this woman is bananas" movie).  But this movie just straight up convicted her.  With the current appeal, I really felt like this movie damaged Amanda's chance of an early release heavily with a bad spin in the media!  I really felt as though they truly could have done a better job at perhaps showing Amanda's side of the story more.  Just a thought!

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