Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bigger news

So I know I mentioned before that I was moving. Well I'm mostly settled in now...(ok that isn't entirely true...there are about 20 more boxes to go through but I certainly have a clear walking path around the apartment) and my boyfriend gave me the best housewarming gift ever...

An engagement ring!! After over three and a half years of dating, my future hubster, Mr. T (for his privacy's sake) proposed.  I was so delighted (still am...) soooo here's the story.

Friday last week was my day off work.  I had planned on scrubbing down the apartment walls (which smelled like smoke from the last tenant when it started to rain...ick) and finish unpacking furniture and a few other things.  Mr. T has every Friday off (he's self-employed) and was supposed to help me for about 6 hrs or so in the afternoon.  So I called him after running errands in the morning, only to find out rather than getting him for the afternoon/evening, I had his help for a grand whole two hours before he had to do some shuffling around to get his mom's car taken care of (back and forth between our county and the next one over).  Now I know its purely ironic, however almost everytime I let Mr. T know in advance that I need his help with something, something goes very wrong.  For example, it threatened to rain off and on.  When I lived 2 hours away from him, if I made dinner reservations, he would almost be almost 3 or 4 hours late.  So I was trying not to be angry but really I only have so much strength and I don't drive a cool pickup truck so I'm really only capable of doing so much.  So I spent my day scrubbing the walls and not even getting a quarter of the other stuff done.  I was so disappointed (and tired of living out of boxes to say the least).  So life goes on, what can you do right?  Well we did get together for dinner (almost 2 hours late) and at some point in dinner wedding stuff came up (keep in mind we've been dating more than 3 and a half is something we've been talking about) and I told him I thought I knew how he was going to do it.  To which he responded, and I quote, "Really?  I haven't thought about it at all."

Now I'm no hot head, but I was ticked.  Here I'd been scrubbing all day, working so hard on this apartment and all I get at the end of my long tough day is that he hadn't thought about it.  Awesome.

So the next morning we got together with my friend Miss A and her boyfriend Mr. J.  We took a tour of this topiary garden and when we got in the garden, A realized that she lost her necklace so she and J went to look for it.  So T was walking REALLY painfully slowly (granted that I'm constantly being told that I walk too quickly) and so I made some comment about it and he said he just didn't want to get too far ahead of A & J.  Ok fine.  So I spotted a bench and said "Hey lets sit and wait for them!" and was about to sit when he's like "Wait..." so I was totally stuck in this awkward half sit-half standing squat pose and he's just standing there.  And he says something like "So I love you so much (my eyes got super huge) and I love being here again with you and the last 3 and a half years have been amazing (I think I gasped noooooooo?!?! at that point and kinda froze with my hand on my mouth) and (I can't remember the rest honestly because I was going omg is this happening?!?!)..." but then he dropped to one knee, pulled the ring out and proposed and I teared up a little and said yes...I feel like I may have sort of snatched the ring out of his hand and put it on.

So after we were done smooching I felt SO BAD for being so mean Friday...especially when he told me his mom's car hadn't died...he was stuck in Annapolis traffic coming back with my ring!  And A (obviously) hadn't lost her necklace and was in on the whole thing.  Those turds.  :-D

So that's the story.  Also I was right.  I thought he was going to propse at the gardens but him saying that he hadn't thought about it totally threw me off.   

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