Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Now I'm no Bridezilla...

I'm still adjusting to the whole engagement process and what an adjustment it is!  For those of you who haven't ever been engaged (or if you have and you're a guy because trust me... its not the same) its kind of like taking every emotion, your life, and all your thoughts, pour them in a blender and crank it on high speed.  Don't even bother with a lid because there's going to be such a mess its not worth trying to save at all.  I have gone from extreme happiness to pure anger and everywhere in between!  EVERYONE seems to have an opinion on where the wedding should be, how large the wedding should be, what I should wear, what my colors should be and everything else!  We've quickly managed to limit our reception venues from nearly 100 to 3 due to size limits, poor lighting, potential bad weather for an outdoor reception and general pickiness.  Plus to top it all off one of the top three has refused to get back to me this week, yet my fiance was able to set up a tour date for us this Friday with one phone call (after my calling 3 times and emailing 4).  The whole process makes me feel like this:

image courtesy of sxc user sundstrom

Yeah that good.  But there are good pieces.  I have a theme (top secret for now), we know the church although we may have to change the date depending on a venue, we have our wedding party selected, our first dance song chosen.  In fact after we get through the next few weeks and finally solidify the date and reception, the rest should be smooth sailing.  Until then, I'm just trying to enjoy the ride and get life somewhat back to normal.

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