Sunday, May 15, 2011

Oh fudge

Things have certainly wound down a bit since my last post.  My weight sadly has been paying the price for my stress but things are a lot better.  Our wedding is officially set!  So far we have the church booked (Sept 15, 2012) the rehearsal booked the day before and the hall booked for that weekend.  It really is exciting.

So some of you may not know this but I'm a little obsessed with cooking.  If you haven't discovered Tasteologie or Tastespotting I highly recommend them both (if you want more links, let me know and I have many many others).  This past Friday I had a dinner party and met the item that certainly didn't help for my diet catastrophe this week.  Are you ready?  Despite the graininess I think you'll appreciate this (I'm sorry but I have no idea where my camera cable is in my unpacking madness...somewhere in the storage closet)

Hoooooooooly fudge.  That right there is key lime pie fudge ...also known as diet destructor. If you want to see what it looks like, click the link because its waaaay better than my kitchen counter picture.  Also, if you want to make it, I highly recommend reducing the  butter, maybe from 1/3 of a cup to 1/4 since the graham cracker/butter mixture never solidifies in the baking process.  So yes I whipped up that, some bbq (reserve a few tablespoons of bbq sauce for the last half hour and ketchup if it needs thickening), and key lime pudding (very good and low cal but be warned that since its sugar free jello, it doesn't dissolve completely, leaving some disgustingly gooey chunks).  A few friends brought drinks, chips and dip, potato salad, coleslaw (which I must get the recipe for) and amazing mini cheesecakes.  The smorgasbord was delicious.

The fiance and I are on a weight loss challenge to lose 5% of our current weight, loser buys the winner an UnderArmour workout outfit.  I was in the lead as of last week, however this week, he may take me with my gorging several times this week.

Also I bought a bike!  I bought a Magna Great Divide needed quite the tune up before it was rideable but seems to be working fine now.  I would like to upgrade eventually but I couldn't beat the $84 to get me through my 2 mile work commute.  Now to get some accessories for it...

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