Sunday, January 23, 2011

The smartest ad I've ever seen

Ok so first off let me say that this will most likely shatter any image of me being a responsible, mature adult.  I mean I truly am, but this will be an exception.

One hard part about marketing (which is honestly a whole new world for me) is knowing your target audience.  The obvious first reaction when considering your target audience is going "Well I want everyone to buy my product!" you really don't.  Just trust me.

So the back story behind this is that I was eating at Wegman's yesterday with some friends and we started discussing this new Diet Dr. Pepper ad where they apparently say...Enis.  No really.  That's what they said.  I didn't drop off a P.  But it totally sounds like it.  The link is below (please let me know if it dies and I'll try to find another), please know that this is not my video and I don't recommend anyone under 13 or with highly sensitive ears watching it ok here it is:

Doesn't it sound like they say p....?!  I'm trying to keep this G-rated but seriously!  But talk about knowing your target audience!  That commercial will make anyone with a slightly immature sense of humor laugh and replay it several times and then pass it onto their friends.  Hello...viral videos are one of the BEST ways to spread information about your marketing!  Not to mention that gets "Have you seen that DIET DR. PEPPER ad?" buzzing around in everyday conversations...great product placement!  Well done.  Even though its so wrong.

Also, I'm still aiming for 2 blog posts a week, but I think I'm revising my goal to be 110 posts this year total, which should beat the 2 a week average by just a few.

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