Saturday, February 12, 2011

I was so wrong

So do you remember how a while ago I was like "blah blah blah you don't need to spend money to make money"...yeah...

I was wrong.

So wrong.  Well, not entirely long.  I mean if you make far more than you spend, you're probably ok to not have to invest in your own business.  If you're a start up, not so much.  Or at least, don't plan on buying anything.  This is the first time I've done business stuff at tax time and I'm not going to lie, its not pretty so far.  I mean its not bad, I thought I had done a good job of balancing everything (I have a positive balance in the business account) however I just got a lovely form in the mail called a personal properties assessment that is $300 just to file it!  It doesn't matter if the business doesn't have any property, as a LLC it still has to be filed.

I should really rename this blog confessions of a newbie design firm (hmmmm....maybe i will still...) but this blog isn't just to be about designing, its really sort of the documentation of this company growing.  Plus if there are any other startups reading this, I really feel like this is super important information!

So my dear audience, I have a question to pose...I originally intended for this to be a semi-weekly blog about the company/progress/etc.  However, there's really not a lot going on now, so I'm thinking of making this blog a little personal and a little business.  Otherwise, it will be a bit of unsteady flow since right now my main focus is getting ahead on school more than the company sooooo I'm thinking a bit of a mixup may be in order.  Thoughts?

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