Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Back to catch up

I'm definitely over my my off week that I had a bit ago.  I've steadily been working on catching up on homework and I'm taking off work the first to catch up while taking a webinar with school.  Added bonus, its my Friday off this week soooo that leaves lots of time for potential schoolwork.  Of course this week is insane anyhow.  I have normal work through tomorrow, then as I mentioned Friday I'm off.  I love that my job gives me the opportunity to have every other Friday off, however I hate that I spend most of them running around catching up on errands.  This Friday will consist of a little homework, some errands, etc.  Then Saturday is another Annapolis shopping trip (while I know its only been 2 months since the last trip, believe it or not I don't think I've been in a couple years before then) and perhaps another Paper Source trip while we're out!  I certainly am going to have to stop at Franklin Covey to get some refills for my organizer!

One exciting project coming announcements for my friend's baby.  I'll be ordering paper and such this weekend, its really exciting!  Of course, I can't figure out how much work there is to do in advance, but I can do certain things like design the layout and start making the envelope lines so thats exciting!

Other than that, there really hasn't been much else new in the last little bit.  Tax time was a bit of a killer, but that's another post for another night!

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