Monday, December 27, 2010

Oh Paper Source!

First off and foremost I have to apologize for the quality of the images I'm about to show you.  They're bad.  Really bad.  I would have had semi-decent pictures if it wasn't for several problems.  Like having my camera batteries AND the backups die.  Or having a better phone.  Or if more than one light in my ceiling fan was working (this morning they blew and there was only one replacement bulb in the house).  I'm just saying, there's a lot of things that cause bad pictures and I have them all.  That being said, I photoshopped these suckers as much as they would allow so I can show you all the goodies I got!  Are you ready?  Really ready?!?!  Ok here we go...the Paper Source expedition produced a bill of $180some and lots of awesome things like these:
Items not shown include awesome leaf paper and Envelope Liner Patterns...details to follow

Ok so you can see that I've numbered the items because simply that picture is a hot mess.  Ok its not even hot, its just a mess.  But I've included numbers so you can follow along!  I know, I'm just too nice. So in case you couldn't tell my trip to Paper Source was very fruitful.  I had a great time looking at everything and obviously treated myself...a lot (hey it was my birthday...everyone deserves to be spoiled on their birthday).  I've listed the items in case any of them sound interesting or if you want to see what on earth I'm talking about because no, actually, you can't see that blob.
3.  Adhesive Remover (I have a love/hate relationship with spray adhesive so hopefully this helps with that)
7.  cards (clearance)
8.-11.  business cards (also in hot pink, peacock and papaya)
15.  circle cutter (way cooler than the old one that broke on the first try)
16. delete eraser (mine says delete but I guess they stopped making it)
18. cards (clearance)
21.  White ink

I also made my first envelope liner using the template and clearance paper from the store:

I obviously had a great time exploring the store.  Hopefully I can sneak another visit in soon!

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