Friday, December 10, 2010

Yudu, do you?

hat's right ladies and gents, my brand spankin' new yudu machine has finally arrived.  Let me start back at the beginning.  I accidentally started freelancing in August.  I'm sure you're wondering how one accidentally starts freelancing.  I'm not sure myself.  I blame it partially on my being a huge push over.  Now don't get any ideas or try to go test it, but I totally am when it comes to my friends.  So just when I had gotten into the rhythm of balancing school and a new job, a friend called and said that her company needed some branding work done.  What was I going to do, say no?  So long story short, I landed a nice profitable job that has not only enhanced my portfolio but also gave me a little money to play with.  Well not play with but more or less sink into useful things, like some very boring business books and a few additions to my design library.  So while everyone else did their Black Friday shopping, I was doing some homework when I felt the need to see if the price on a Yudu screenprinting system had dropped.  Oh boy did it ever!  So now I am the proud owner of this beautiful machine and just need a little time to catch up on some homework before taking a test spin.  Get ready for some great screenprinted designs coming in early 2011!

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